Wednesday 1 February 2017

Green Monk of Tremn, Book I: An Epic Journey of Mystery and Adventure now released on Kindle!!!

1 February 2017

Dear followers,

I have some exciting news! My first self-published novel is now available on the Kindle Store. I am really excited to present this book to the world and am keen to hear your opinions and comments on it. Rather than posting your comments in reply to this message, however, I urge and encourage you to find the book on the Kindle Store, download it, and leave an honest, verified review on (if you're an or user, that's also great, and your review will appear on those sites). This book has taken me a while to write, and originally consisted of one book. However, as it grew in size and the number of chapters increased, I have decided to divide Green Monk into three books, each of about 12 chapters in length. The current volume is about 205 pages long and will soon be available in paperback via CreateSpace, which is the paperback publishing arm of Amazon (watch this space for updates!).

UPDATE: Green Monk of Tremn, Book 1 is now available in paperback for $9.99 (£7.99).
Click here to find Green Monk (in paperback) on Amazon!

Self-publishing is the future, and it's now taking over Amazon (and the internet, in general). The old method of sending manuscripts to multiple publishers or agents and hoping against hope that someone publishes your book is now antiquated and irrelevant. The time has come where independent publishers (indie publishers) can produce successful books, many of which go on to become bestsellers and become adapted as TV series and movies.  In fact, I believe it is only a matter of time before Green Monk becomes adapted as a movie or television series. If you want to be a part of this success before it happens, please make sure to read the book and its sequels (as they become available), write an honest review and share the book with your friends, family and colleagues.

Click here to find Green Monk on the Amazon Kindle Store!

What makes Green Monk different from others books? It is, first of all, the first book in a series called the Coins of Amon-Ra Saga, which traces the story of the Amon-Ra's 'coins of power', which are scattered across the galaxy. These coins each contain a power which enables the bearer to wield immense and diverse powers. It transforms them with a new skin or shell and gives them regenerative abilities. Another key factor in the books is the world which has been created. Green Monk is set on the planet Tremn, which has its own unique history, culture, religion, language and geography, all of which are completely developed. The story is Tolkienesque, in that it is based on an entire world (or worlds) which are developed in great detail. Indeed, it is far more developed than the Game of Thrones series, which has an overly-complex storyline but little actual development in terms of a unique culture, religion or language. The languages which do exist in Game of Thrones were created by a linguist for the television series, rather than being developed by the author. Part of the joy of creating a world of science fiction or fantasy is the creation of constructed languages. If an invented world does not contain constructed languages, it can hardly be said to be complete or deeply-developed.

Here is a brief description of my book:

"This is the story of one young man—a boy—from the planet Tremn, a small world at the heart of the Delrush system, many light-years from earth. It is a story of betrayal, of murder, of new hope and new adventures. Set in a world where swords still gleam in the midday sun, in a world ruled by an oppressive theocracy—where ignorance and dogma hold sway over the minds of the ignorant masses—one boy will stand up and change the world. This is the story of that boy, of his adventures and tribulations, of his victories and his defeats, as he battles against the forces of evil which wage against him. Tremn is a world locked in medieval brutality, where priests reign and peasants scrape a pitiful existence.

"Ifunka Kaffa, an orphan boy whose uncle and aunt had been mercilessly slaughtered by demon-worshipping assassins, had found himself a place of rest and spiritual peace within the walls of the Monastery of the Brown Owl on the edge of the vast forest which stretches across the Old Central Kingdom. His life was simple, but it was also fulfilling. That simple life was all about to end, however, as his friend and mentor, Ushwan, suddenly went missing—dragged away into the forest depths. 

"Now it is up to Ifunka and his two best friends and companions—Ffen and Shem—to accompany him on an epic journey of mystery and adventure—deep, deep, deep into the Great Forest of Ffushkar, where horrendous beasts roam, villainous thieves and cutthroats lay in hiding, and ancient cities remain hidden within the darkest heart of the forest. This is the journey of one young man and his friends to save their monastic brother from certain death at the hands of insidious foes. Little do they realise how far their journey will take them, or what terrible conspiracies they will uncover along the way. 

"Green Monk is a three-part epic sci-fi adventure which forms the first volume of the Coins of Amon-Ra Series. Green Monk of Tremn: Book 1 – An Epic Journey of Mystery and Adventure is the first part of that adventure."

Please make sure to download it within the next several days, as the current price of $0.99 (or £0.99) is only temporary and will soon be increased. For more updates, also please make sure to follow me on Twitter @Nicholas19.

NJ Bridgewater


  1. Congratulations on the book Nicholas. I have downloaded and look forward to reading-Nason

    1. That's great! When you've finished, please leave an honest review on Amazon. I'd really appreciate it! Best wishes. :)