Friday 24 February 2017

Mindfulness: Five Ways to Achieve Real Happiness, True Knowledge and Inner Peace now available on Kindle!

NJ Bridgewater
24 February 2017

I am happy to announce that I have now released my second self-published book on Amazon Kindle, entitled Mindfulness: Five Ways to Achieve Real Happiness, True Knowledge and Inner Peace. It will soon be available in paperback as well, so watch this space. The book answers the fundamental questions of how we can be truly happy, why we are here, how to find meaning in our lives and how to achieve true balance and equanimity. I have searched out the key books on wisdom and philosophy which hold answers to these questions and has extracted the core teachings and principles which they contain. I have encapsulated these into Five ‘Ways to Be’, which are patterns or ways of living in harmony with one’s higher self. There are also ‘Five Practices’ which accompany these Ways to Be, giving a practical method of developing the right attitudes, behaviour and mindset to achieve a state of mindfulness and happiness. In addition, for each practice, he lists a number of steps for further development. These will allow the reader to take action immediately to put all the Ways to Be into practice.A much fuller explanation of the book can be found on my new blog, Equanimity Blog, in the following blog post: How can we achieve true happiness and inner peace?

To download the book now on, CLICK HERE.

To download the book on, CLICK HERE.

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NJ Bridgewater

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